Thursday, September 01, 2005

NeoCon arrogance...

In response to Alternet's article A Declaration of War, about the Bush/Bolton assault on the UN, a Canadian calling himself "JohnnyM" posted the following:

I fear this is the beginning of the end. WWIII is just around the corner, started by your arrogrance(sic), but declared by us out of necessity. My government may side with Washington, but us citizens will not.

Bring it on NeoCon...

That's something that I've thought could happen for some time. Eventually, the rest of the world will feel it has no choice (and may indeed not) but to combine militarily to oppose the US's aggressive attitudes and contempt for international cooperation and law.

Such a war would probably be an unmitigated disaster for most people, but could result in the citizens of many countries realizing what many already know: That everyday people have far more in common with each other regardless of nationality than we have with those who are power-obsessed and/or ultra-wealthy. Given the global issues we need to deal with and the potentially destructive technology we have, isn't it long overdue time for us to think of ourselves as human beings and Earthlings first, and Americans or any other nationality second?

Obviously, I'd like to see us do this without war, but I'm afraid some people have a too selfish, delusional view of their own importance to let that happen, because it would prove something they've been hiding from themselves for a long time: the fact that they and their worldview are unnecessary impediments to most of humanity.



Blogger Tonya said...

Thanks for putting to blog my long held opinions. I have said more than once, I don't know why everyone we bully doesn't come together and bring us down a notch. I live in TN and most people here are still under the delusion that we are the good guys. I guess anyone who reads my blog already knows that though. Here they still wave them flags proudly and every other car has a yellow ribbon magnet on the back. I don't know what makes people more comfortable to live with a lie than be honest with their self and do something from here out to make a difference.

9/01/2005 9:46 PM  
Blogger Jay Denari said...

What bothers me is the fact that, for a long time, we generally were the good guys. Yes, we did some things that were pretty questionable and even hypocritical, but not with such blatant glee, arrogance, and dangerous half-assed incompetence as the Bushites do them.

Our general record as a proponent of human rights, democracy, and genuine freedom probably has delayed our come-uppance for the things Bush has been doing. Before the last election, some observers in other countries said they were holding out hope that America would come to its senses, eject Bush, and then they'd see this as one of those aberrations every country occasionally has. When we "re-elected" the asshole I'm sure quite a few of them became firmly convinced our country's insane, and Bush's behavior since then has only provided more evidence for that position.

Unfortunately, I think we might well be as a whole society. We let them determine policies that are to our long-term detriment (the war, their anti-UN stance, their violation of a host of common sense treaties (esp the NPT), their blatant distortion of science in almost every way, their prostitution of the world to big business, their support of radical religious nonsense in education, etc) with minimal opposition. The problem is that they are making a difference... but just in a very negative way.

Maybe the US needs to experience something like this to relearn the true value of freedom. We have taken freedom for granted for too long, and that has allowed a relative handful of people (many of whom claim to be Republicans, but are in fact no more GOP than my cat is) to manipulate us into selling out our own best interests one small group at a time. Then they can claim to represent the majority, when in fact they've distorted one issue for this group, and another issue for that group, and fight every attempt to link all of the distortions into one whole picture with vile innuendo, threats, and other tactics.

We've been expecting the Dems to grow a spine, but they can't; they're too mired the same corruption. The only way this will change is if a LOT of everyday citizens do it ourselves.

9/02/2005 4:08 AM  

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